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Reuters/Ipsos Poll (conducted June and July 2018).
There have been dozens of public opinion polls on support for Medicare for All. Nearly every poll finds a majority support. Each poll varies by wording. Below is a list of polling conducted at the national level. Click on the wording of any poll to learn more about who conducted it, how it was worded, the sample size, findings and how they vary by political party, or read the full report. Summary: Wording plays a huge role in the poll results. "Medicare for All" polls much better than something like "government-run medicine", which implies socialized medicine. However, when the government is framed as an institution that guarantees health insurance as a right or provides health insurance to the public, this also polls better.

Recent Single Payer Polls

YearOrganizationWordingFindingsFavorable wording?
Kaiser Family Foundation"Single national health insurance system run by the government"55% Favor
2022Pew Research Center"Single national health insurance system run by the government"63% of U.S. adults say the government has the responsibility to provide health care coverage for all
2019Kaiser Family Foundation"Insurance from a single government plan"56% favor
2019The Hill/HarrisX"Medicare should cover everyone and private health plans should be abolished"13% favorNo
2019Morning Consult/Politico"Medicare for All"50% favorYes
2019Morning Consult/Politico"Elimination of the private health insurance market"49% favorNo
2019Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health/Politico"Medicare for All should be an extremely important priority for the government"68% favorYes
2018Reuters/Ipsos"Medicare for All"70.1% favorYes
2018The Hill/HarrisX"Medicare should be provided to every American"70% favorYes
2018Gallup"The government should ensure all have healthcare coverage"57% favor
2018Gallup"Government-run health care system"40% favorNo
2018CBS News"Government administered health insurance plan"65% favor
2018Axios/Survey Monkey"Single, government-run health insurance program that is not optional"34% favorNo
2018Pew Research Center"Health care is the responsibility of the federal government"60% favor
2018Pew Research Center"Single national health insurance system run by the government"31% favor