Organization: Sooner Poll

Conducted: August 13-31, 2020

Exact wording: 'Medicare for All' is a single-payer health care system that would provide healthcare to everyone in the United States with no premium or deductibles. Proponents say it is a right and that enrolling everyone in one plan is the best way to ensure universal coverage, especially for the economic vulnerable, and would free Americans to change jobs without losing coverage. Critics say it does away with nearly all private insurance, will cost as much as $3.5 trillion dollars a year, create longer waits and less medical specialists, and all run by a federal government that has trouble running the post office. Knowing this, do you SUPPORT or OPPOSE Medicare for All?

Sample Size: n/a

Overall Findings: 31.7% support, 61.1% oppose, 7.2% neutral/ no opinion

Party Lines: 50.3% Democrats support,  17.5% Republicans support, 59.4% Independents support 

Summary:  Sooner Poll, a public opinion pollster in Oklahoma, polled likely voters ahead of the 2020 general election on the issue of Medicare for All, and found that about 31.7% of likely voters support the proposal while about 61.1% oppose it. The wording of this question does not seem to be biased against Medicare for All as it lays out general arguments from both sides regarding the issue.

Link to the poll: https://www.soonerpoll.com/post/medicare-for-all-a-democratic-healthcare-initiative-not-popular-in-oklahoma