Organization: Data for Progress

Conducted: December 2019

Exact wording: Would you support or oppose improving and expanding Medicare so that it becomes the primary insurer for Americans? 

Sample Size: 767 likely voters in Democratic primary

Overall Findings: 77% support, 14% oppose, 9% not sure

Party Lines: n/a

Summary: A 2019 survey of likely Democratic primary voters in South Carolina found that 77% favor Medicare for All. An expanded version of the question that included more details about how Medicare for All would work, such as putting everyone into a single plan run by the government and eliminating co-pays and deductibles, produced very similar results as 77% still favor Medicare for All while about 16% oppose.  

Link to the poll: https://www.filesforprogress.org/memos/m4a-south-carolina-1-2020.pdf