Organization: Navigator Research/Global Strategy Group

Conducted: May 31 - June 3, 2019

Exact wording: “A ‘Medicare for All’ program that would provide the Medicare program to all Americans and eventually eliminate all private health insurance”

Sample Size: 1,113 registered voters plus 113 additional independents

Overall Findings: 47% support, 53% oppose

Party Lines: n/a

Summary: A 2019 study conducted by Navigator found that 47% of registered voters support Medicare for All knowing that it would eliminate private health insurance. Additional survey questions in the poll show that Americans perceive guaranteed health coverage to be the greatest benefit of Medicare for All, while their biggest fear being the cost of the plan and the potential for increased taxes to fund a publicly financed system. 


Link to the poll: https://navigatorresearch.org/navigating-the-medicare-debate/