Organization: Morning Consult/Politico

Conducted: March 19-22, 2021

Exact wording: “Voters were asked whether or not they support Medicare for All, where Americans would get their health insurance from the government”

Sample Size: 1,994 registered voters 

Overall Findings: 55% support, 32% oppose, 13% don’t know/ have no opinion

Party Lines: 79% Democrats support, 28% Republicans support, Independents n/a

Summary: A March 2021 Morning Consult/Politico poll found that about 55% of registered voters support Medicare for All. There appears to be a very stark contrast in support between Democrats and Republicans, which might be due to the biased wording of the poll, as it describes Medicare for All with unclear wording that would possibly scare off additional support for the policy. 

Link to the pollhttps://pro.morningconsult.com/articles/medicare-for-all-public-option-polling