Organization: Data for Progress

Conducted: 2019

Exact wording: “If your current representative [representative name here] opposes “Medicare for All’, would you approve or disapprove of [representative name here] decision to oppose 'Medicare for All'?

Sample Size: 2,426 likely Democratic voters

Overall Findings:  57% disapprove

Party Lines:  n/a

Summary:  A 2019 poll of likely Democratic primary voters in twelve congressional districts represented by Democrats across the country found that 57% of Democrat voters would disapprove of their representatives if they opposed Medicare for All. The twelve congressional districts surveyed ranged from the most conservative Democrat controlled district to the most liberal district. Half of the congressional districts in the survey had representatives who were cosponsors of HR 676, the “Expanded Medicare for All Bill”, at the time this survey was conducted/

Link to the poll: https://www.dataforprogress.org/medicare-for-all