Handouts, Videos & Skill-Building

Handouts, Videos & Skill-Building

You can order copies of any of these resources from Healthcare-NOW! by calling 215-732-2131 or emailing info[at]healthcare-now.org.

Educational Materials

Improved Medicare for All bookletDownload the .pdf of our basic handout explaining single-payer reform (available in separate pages or in spreads).

Single-Payer Activist Guide to the Affordable Care ActDownload the .pdf (available in separate pages or in spreads).

Funding a National Single-Payer SystemDownload the .pdf.

Threats to Medicare, Medicaid HandoutDownload the .pdf.

Hands Off Medicare Fact Sheet: Protecting Medicare from the Deficit Commission’s Cuts – Download the .pdf.

Death By Spread Sheet Bookletdownload the .pdf.

Win-Win Campaign Brochure: It shows, simply, how cities can save money if HR 676 was passed. – Download the .pdf.

Healthcare Polling HandoutDownload the .pdf.

Resources for Meetings and Tabling

Sign Up Sheet: Great for signing people up at meetings – Download the .pdf.

HR 676 PetitionDownload the .pdf.

Skill Building Calls

Organizing a Teach-In or Speak-OutGo here for recording and handout.

Developing a Media Outreach StrategyGo here for a recording and handout.

Organizing a Petitioning CampaignGo here for a recording and handout.

Single-Payer Healthcare Activist Toolkits

Outreach Guide: Empowering Single-Payer Activists to be Organizers – Download the .pdf.

The Single-Payer Activist’s Notebook: Everything you’ll ever need to know about organizing for single-payer healthcare. – Download the full notebook .zip.

Student Organizing Guide by the Student Healthcare Action Network – Download the .pdf.

Protest Toolkit: Helpful in organizing your own protests. – Download the .pdf.

Organizers’ ManualDownload the .pdf.

Dealing with medical debt? Read the Debt Resistors’ Operations ManualDownload the .pdf.

SiCKO GuideDownload the .ppt.

Small Business GuideDownload the .pdf.

Peoples Movement Assembly Organizing KitDownload the .pdf.

Medicare’s Anniversary Organizing ToolkitDownload the .pdf.


State of the Single Payer Movement & Movement Action PlanningWatch this keynote speech by Healthcare-NOW’s Executive Director.

Sick Around the World – You can watch this documentary for free on the PBS website.

Critical Condition – You can watch this Point of View documentary for free on the PBS website.


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