Medicare’s 49th Anniversary

Medicare's Birthday

July 30th, 2014 – Medicare Turns 49!

Medicare is the Solution… Not the Problem!

Events listed here and updated daily!

Medicare is a the nation’s most popular social program. It has been working to provide those 65 and over, those with disabilities and certain medical conditions, with access to comprehensive healthcare without fear of bankruptcy.

We need you to join us and stand up for the right to healthcare! Let’s improve and expand Medicare to everyone living in the US.

Here’s what you can do:

1) Organize a public event in your community in July! Check out the organizer’s tool kit (.pdf) from last year for examples of what you can do to celebrate the anniversary of Medicare in your community.

For those who organize public events, we will send signs and booklets that explain Medicare for all. Be sure to let our organizing team know you are pulling together an event. Email

Events listed here!

2) Join the base building challenge! Get your community on board with supporting the solution to our healthcare crisis: Medicare for all! Download this petition and get started! Start now and collect signatures at community events, summer fairs, and festivals.

3) Let Congress know that we still need improved Medicare-for-allGo here to email, and then call, Congress.

4) Join Healthcare-NOW! – a movement building organization to win the right to healthcare for all people. For just a few dollars a month, you can help sustain the movement to win the right to healthcare for all. Find out more here.

Some Resources
Save Medicare by Expanding it to Everyone flyer by Healthcare-NOW!
“Cut Medicare? No Way! Make It ‘Medicare for All’!” by John Nichols
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Love it! Improve it! Expand it! Medicare for All! Sign
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