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Campaign Resources

Win-Win Coordinator:
Tom Knoche - Knocheberg[at]aol.com

New Resources from Conference
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Campaign Headlines

Fort Lee Mayor and City Council Endorse Single-Payer Healthcare

On March 10, 2011, the Borough of Fort Lee, NJ endorsed a resolution supporting single-payer healthcare as proposed... Read more»

Rutland, VT Mayor Gets Behind Single-Payer Health Plan

By Peter Hirschfeld for TimesArgus.com – MONTPELIER — Rutland City Mayor Christopher Louras on Wednesday... Read more»

Win-Win Campaign Conference Call Report

Thanks to everyone who participated in the conference call about our Win-Win Campaign for Healthy Cities on Saturday... Read more»

New York State Senate Resolution urges passage of H.R. 676

The New York State Senate passed a resolution on June 2, 2009 supporting HR 676 and national, single-payer healthcare.... Read more»

Saratoga Springs backs universal healthcare, HR 676

By Andrew J. Bernstein for the Saratogian— After a vote Tuesday, the City Council threw its support behind... Read more»

Win-Win Campaign

HR 676: Healthcare Savings for Healthier Cities

70 state and local governments have already passed resolutions supporting HR 676. Help add yours to the list!

We want YOU for a new campaign targeting local government entities – cities, towns, counties, school boards – in an effort to get them to endorse HR 676. Our hook is big money savings in a time of fiscal crisis for governments.

In a nutshell, the employer payroll tax that will be required for health coverage under HR 676 is considerably less (usually one-third to one-half) of what government entities now pay in health insurance premiums for their workers. Set asides to cover health benefits for already retired government workers will no longer be required. HR 676 will mean savings for public employees, too.

Help us get this message to local government officials. We are asking for interested people to sign up for this campaign, and commit to a 6-8 week process of learning and doing, culminating – if all goes well – in a resolution or public endorsement from your town, city, county or school board. Local officials will learn that national health insurance is the only reform that provides significant financial relief for fiscally strapped local governments.

You can access the training materials and resource people for this campaign from this web site. You will move through the process at your own pace. At the end of your first local campaign, you will become a mentor for others in your area who will approach other government entities. And, you’ll ask the local officials you win over to become part of a delegation to meet with state officials (this fall) in an effort to win state endorsements for HR 676. States stand to realize even bigger savings than most local governments.

We welcome everyone’s help. If you live in a big city with a progressive mayor who might quickly see the light and sign on to HR 676, we especially hope you will sign up. High visibility mayoral support will bring momentum to this campaign.

So, sign on today! Send your email to info@healthcare-now.org. In your email, we need to know several things: full name; USPO mailing address; phone number(s); and the government entity you think you want to target. Please, don’t sign up unless you are willing to complete a 6-8 week hands-on process designed to win a local endorsement for HR 676. You will need to commit about 5 hours/week to this campaign.