People’s Movement Assembly

People’s Movement Assembly

Endorse the Right to Health Principles

PMAOn June 25th, 2010, Healthcare-NOW!, along with coalition of healthcare rights organizations, organized a People’s Movement Assembly (PMA) at the US Social Forum in Detroit, MI.

The PMA participants agreed on a statement of Principles on the Right to Health (full download here) and we are asking that all organizations working for people’s health and healthcare in the U.S. endorse. Below, you can read an abridged version of the principles, or download the full document here (.doc).

Please contact Katie Robbins at or 800-453-1305 if you would like to endorse the following principles.

Principles of the human right to health (abridged):
1. All human beings are entitled to and shall be guaranteed full and equal access to health and comprehensive, quality health care.

2. Health care services and resources must be distributed according to people’s needs, as opposed to payment, privilege, immigration status, or other factors unrelated to health needs.

3. Race-based disparities in health access and outcomes must be eliminated.

4. Women are entitled to full reproductive health services, regardless of their ability to pay.

5. The financing of health care must be shared fairly and equitably, so that care is delivered regardless of an individual’s ability to pay.

6. The health system must be transparent in design and operation, and accountable to the people it serves.

7. Patients in all communities should be able to have a regular doctor or other caregiver of their choice.

8. Resources must be used effectively, efficiently, and sustainably to protect the health of all.

9. Health care workers are entitled to the human right to work with dignity, including a fair, living wage and working conditions that include reasonable hours, adequate staffing and a safe and healthy workplace.

10. All workers’ right to health must be protected, so that they no longer work under conditions that violate international human rights standards, including occupational health and safety standards.

11. Every human being must be able to participate in the decision-making, resource allocation and oversight of the health care system that serves them.

Endorsing Organizations

California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee
Retirees for Single Payer
National Economic and Social Rights Initiative
Vermont Workers Center
Coalition of Uninsured and Underinsured for Single Payer
Alliance for Democracy
Physicians for a National Health Program
Progressive Democrats of America
American Patients United
All Unions Committee for Single Payer
Latinos United Now and Always Labor Campaign for Single Payer
United Steelworkers
People’s Health Movement
Hesperian Foundation
Prosperity Agenda
Private Health Insurance Must Go
Women’s Economic Agenda Project
Michigan Alliance to Strengthen Social Security and Medicare
Portland Jobs with Justice
Single Payer New York
Montana Human Rights Network
Southern LA Coalition for Health and Human Rights

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