Pass Single-Payer

Pass 676

This Summer, Let’s Win Single-Payer Healthcare!

For the first time ever, single-payer legislation will be debated and voted on by the House of Representatives in September.

Rep. Anthony Weiner (NY-9) introduced an amendment to President Obama’s healthcare reform bill (HR 3200) that would replace it with HR 676, the single-payer bill, and Speaker Pelosi pledged to bring it to a debate and vote on the full House floor in September.

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is expected to bring S 703 to the floor for a vote in the Senate.

And Rep. Dennis Kucinich (OH) wants to enable states to establish single-payer systems.

Let’s make this the summer of Single-Payer Action and demand that our Congresspeople vote YES on Rep. Weiner’s amendment, S 703, and Rep. Kucinich’s state single-payer amendment in September!

What is the Weiner Single Payer Amendment? Here are the amendment’s details. Please contact Healthcare-NOW! for lobbying strategy or advice – 1-800-453-1305 or

Tell your Representatives that the Obama health plan is NOT enough and we want them to vote YES on Rep. Weiner’s single-payer amendment and Senate bill S 703. We need real health reform that will cover every American, provide real choice of doctors, and save the majority of Americans money.

Here’s What You Can Do to Help Win Single-Payer

1. Contact your Congressperson and demand they vote YES on Weiner’s Single-Payer Amendment.

2. Brush-up on your talking points and educate others using our resources.

3. Write to your local media.

4. Download the petition for HR 676, collect signatures in your congressional district, and deliver the signatures to your Representative.
Go here for the petition.

5. Post this image, and link it to this campaign, to your blog, Facebook profile, and all over.
Pass Single-Payer
Here are direct links to this image:

6. Use Direct Action!
Sometimes we have to be direct to get the attention of the media and our elected officials, but we don’t have to use the scare tactics of the right to do so. Here are some strategies that people across the country have used to push the single-payer message:

Here are the amendment’s details. Please contact Healthcare-NOW! for lobbying strategy or advice – 1-800-453-1305 or

This amendment could not have happened without the unwavering commitment of grassroots, single-payer activists like you. From the mounting pressure of activists who disrupted Senate Finance Committee hearings, to the in–district birddogging of Committee Chairman Max Baucus, to the 13,000 signatures collected and delivered by FAIR to protest ABC’s censorship of single-payer, every little bit has helped push national, single-payer healthcare to the forefront of the debate.

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