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Campaign Resources

Katie Robbins - info@healthcare-now.org

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Demonstration Locations

Days of action happened in:
Albany, NY - May 27th
Atlana, GA - May 27th
Augusta, ME - May 30th
Austin, TX - May 30th
Billings, MT - Juen 5th
Boise, ID - May 30th
Boston, MA - May 30th
Chicago, IL - June 2nd
Cleveland, OH - May 30th
Denver, CO - May 30th
Des Moines, IA - May 28th - June 3rd
Elmwood Park, NJ - June 5th
El Paso, TX - May 30th
Fenton, MI - May 21st
Fort Collins, CO - May 30th
Gainesville, FL - May 28th & 30th
Grand Rapids, MI - May 30th
Greeley, CO - May 30th
Hastings-On-Hudson, NY - May 30th
Iowa City, IA - May 30th
Indianapolis, IN - May 20th
Kent, OH - May 30th
Lawrence, KS - May 30th
Louisville, KY - May 28th
Madison, WI - May 29th
Middleton, CT - May 28th
Minetonka, MN - June 2nd
Minneapolis, MN - May 31st
Nashville, TN - May 30th
New Albany, IN - May 30th
New Paltz, NY - May 30th
New York City, NY - May 30th
Northfield, MN - May 30th
Philadelphia, PA - May 30th
Pittsburgh, PA - May 29th
Phoenix, AZ - May 30th
Pontiac, MI - June 16th
Portland, OR - May 27th
Port Townsend, WA - May 30th
Princeton, NJ - May 31st
Pueblo, CO - June 2nd
Reno, NV - May 31st
Rochester, NY - May 30th
San Diego, CA - June 4th
San Francisco, CA - May 29th
Seattle, WA - May 30th
Sioux Falls, SD - May 30th
Springfield, MA - May 27th
Tacoma, WA - May 30th
Tampa, FL - May 28th
Topeka, KS - May 30th
Towson, MD - May 30th
Wheaton, MD - May 30th
White Plains, NY - May 30th

Your city or town not listed? Let us know that you'd like to organize an event on May 30th.

Campaign Headlines

Sit-in today at Aetna office in New York to demand an end to insurance company abuse

17 citizens and health care providers arrested, launching national mobilization for health care for all New York,... Read more»

Update: Join the Mad as Hell Doctors on Sept. 30th in Washington, DC

Are you mad as hell at the current health care situation in this country? Here is a chance to voice your discontent... Read more»

Single-Payer Activists met in Nashville, TN for Healthcare Rally

October 6, 2008 – Debby Hester of Healthcare-NOW! Nashville and PNHP in Tennessee were able to get a speaker... Read more»

Activist Report Back from Healthcare Rally in Houston, TX

A report from Houston TX – Houston’s RALLY for Health Care Reform was held on 10/4/08 and marked our first... Read more»

CNA walked Golden Gate Bridge in support of HR 676

Single Payer Activists led by 1000 convention delegates from the California Nurses Association walked San Francisco’s... Read more»

May 30th: National Day of Action

Nationwide Rallies for Improved Medicare for All

Join thousands of single-payer supporters in a nationwide week of action to support improved Medicare for all (HR 676). Single-payer activists will be gathering all over the country to say, "Healthcare, yes; Insurance companies, no," and to show solidarity with demonstrations at the AHIP (American Health Insurance Plans, a private health insurance lobby) conference in San Diego.

If an action isn't already in your city, plan your own day of action! It can be a town hall meeting, demonstration in front of a local insurance company, film showing, vigil, or your own unique idea. Let us know what you'd like to start planning by contacting info@healthcare-now.org.

47 million Americans are uninsured. Private insurance rates are rising faster than inflation and our incomes. By 2025 the cost of private health insurance will exceed our projected income.

A national, single-payer healthcare system is the only healthcare reform option that will cover every American resident while saving us billions of dollars. The majority of Americans want it. The majority of physicians want it. The only thing missing is the political will in Washington.

Improved Medicare for All: We can do it!

Sponsored by:
The Leadership Conference for Guaranteed Health Care
Progressive Democrats of America
CNA/National Nurses Organizing Committee
Physicians for a National Health Program
Americans for Democratic Action
Green Party