Sponsor a Single-Payer Activist

Healthcare-NOW!’s Annual Strategy Conference on Saturday, January 28th and Sunday, January 29th in Houston, TX is fast approaching. This is our opportunity for people across the nation to come together to share experiences and ideas, and develop a concrete plan to organize for single-payer improved Medicare-for-all in the year ahead.

We will discuss how to push the single-payer agenda forward in an election year, as well as at a time when Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are on the chopping block.

With the Super Committee’s refusal to protect Medicare, now is the time to strategize and organize. Please join us in Houston on January 28th and 29th and share your ideas and insights.

If you are unable to attend, please consider making a contribution to our scholarship fund to help another activist attend. These are dire economic times, and we want to make sure that financial barriers never impede our members’ ability to participate in the single-payer movement.

There are many single-payer activists who want to attend the conference, but who are unable to cover the expenses. A $50 donation will pay for a scholarship for one activist to attend the Healthcare-NOW! Strategy Conference, but any size donation helps.

Will you sponsor an activist now?

Your financial contribution will have a critical impact in empowering another activist to help strategize to win what we know is the solution to our fiscal crisis: single-payer improved Medicare-for-all.

The time couldn’t be more ripe to organize for healthcare free of corporate profit as people all across the country are standing up and joining the Occupy Wall Street movement to demand, among other things, profit out of healthcare. Please join us by attending the conference or sponsoring an activist today.


  1. stein4congress on December 25, 2011 at 10:14 am

    my health is fine, my wife’s maybe not. diabetes, high blood pressure etc. we work for ourselves … and need i say more? i’m running for congress for 3rd time this year, 3rd time is sometimes a charm. i was the republican congressman’s 2010 democratic opponent. i changed parties from republican to democrat a few days before the deadline for doing so. i’ve been touting single payer for 4 long yrs. i’d love to know this comment has been posted and seen. that would be enough for now. 10 months till the next election. the republicans absolutely wasted 800 billion dollars in iraq, now they stand in the way of health care reform. amazing, isn’t it?

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