New NESRI fact sheets on the federal health reform law

How will the new health reform law affect the communities most impacted by the continued denial of the human right to health care in the U.S.?

The National Economic and Social Rights Initiative (NESRI) is publishing a series of fact sheets analyzing the law from the perspective of immigrants, women, people of color, and rural communities. They find that the law’s failure to meet the key human rights standards of universality, equity, and accountability has concrete repercussions for already disadvantaged groups.

Download the first two fact sheets here:
Women and the Human Right to Health Care: A Perspective on the Federal Health Reform Law

Immigrants and the Human Right to Health Care: A Perspective on the Federal Health Reform Law

People of Color: A Perspective on the Federal Health Reform Law


  1. EA Frick on August 4, 2010 at 4:39 pm

    Missouri (where I live) passed Prop. C on Tuesday, Aug. 3, which expresses a desire NOT to participate in the Federal Health Reform Law. Many experts say “opting-out” won’t survive a legal challenge and that federal laws take precedence, and it looks like Missouri may be the first state to find out. What a waste of taxpayer money in a state that is still experiencing severe economic problems and unemployment over 10%.

    The yelling and screaming here against the “FHRL” is mostly about the federal government mandating health insurance and meddling in healthcare decisions. Where were all these nay-sayers when President Bush and the Republican Congress passed the Drug Benefit program? It’s also federally mandated insurance with penalties if you don’t get it. And guess who benefits most? Big Pharma, that’s who.

    I’ve just downloaded the fact sheets, and will read NESRI’s position with great interest.