Handout on Threats to Medicare, Medicaid

With the help of some single-payer activists in New York City, we created an educational handout explaining how House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan’s 2012 budget proposal seeks to eliminate Medicare and gut Medicaid.

Ryan claims privatizing Medicare and slashing Medicaid funds are necessary to solve the nation’s deficit crisis, but this handout illustrates how Medicare is the solution to the financial crisis and not the problem.

You can download the handout here. It’s great for events and tabling for single-payer.


  1. William Keiser on April 28, 2011 at 11:55 am

    So as I understand it my medicare is to be replaced with a voucher that unchecked corporate greed can eventually whittle down to a buy-one, get-one free McDonalds salad (with purchase of a large soda), and a two week trial membership at Bally Total Fitness? I’m not “Lovin’ It”.

  2. Math Skilled Liberal on May 3, 2011 at 9:32 am

    Look, the wealthy, since the election of Reagan, have received tax cut after tax cut. Since that time, the lower classes have had tax increases. Research tax cut history and you will see. 5% of Americans now profit 95% of the cash in the country, they need to pay tax.
    Look at the simple math, take all (100%) of the money made by 95% of us citizens. They make 5%, so at 100% tax, you would have 5% of the income total, because that is all they have! If you take 1% of 95% of the income, than you have 9.5% total. Almost twice as much. Why is this so hard to understand?
    If we go back to the tax level pre GW Bush, we could solve the national deficit without cutting social services. If we went back to the levels prior to Bush Sr., we would show a surplus! Tax cuts for the minority that hold 95% of the cash are what is breaking the nation, not Medicare, not SSI. Also keep in mind, we had a surplus when Clinton left office. The perpetual “War on Terror” supporting the military industrialists, and of the bail outs in the trillions, during Bush’s last month in office are what put the country in the red. Who benefited from these two things? Not the lower 95% of Americans. It is time they pay it back in the form of taxes, so the rest of us can finally get some “support”.

  3. Martha on May 16, 2012 at 1:59 pm

    Ryan wants to give seniors $8,000 to purchase private healthcare. News flash Mr. Ryan: disabled at 55, when my cobra coverage ran out last year I found it would cost $1,600 per month to maintain adequate coverage. Despite promises of low rates by insurance companies, the average healthy individual in their 30s pays $1,000 per month for coverage.
    The math is just a joke!
    And the crap about raising retirement ages in the future – this has already been done. My sister, now 66 – just became eligible for full social security benefits and medicare.
    The retoric is always how government must cut spending just like families. The reality is when families find themselves with budget woes their first reaction is to raise income by getting a better or second job. We don’t have a deficit problem – we have an income problem that must be solved through restoring sane tax policies. End the Bush tax cuts and impliment the Buffet rule now! If that’s not enough do the math and restore the progressive tax amounts necessary.

  4. Debra on June 11, 2012 at 1:42 pm

    This mess we are in doesnt take a Scientist to fix it .We just dont need or caint allow the same people or party the republicans in Congress that got us in this mess to suggest any plans to get us out of it .It’s like calling the Black kettle black .BEING fEMALE At 57 yrs old 110.pounds in an better than good health in fact very good health than most ,I have been denied insurance coverage with Blue Cross Blue shield who I was with 9 yrs and never filed any claims with ,Ive never been to the hospital and never had surgery other than 2 children 30 yrs ago .But now as a female with a touch of arthritis .Nothing that all humans are born with they say I am non insurable and high risk and denied by all other health providers also for same reason . But the private sector has band together to deny me coverage with anyone. Its all due to greed & Control of the wealthy and Congress who is being paid by the wealthy to bleed us dry financially and control our money . We have to have Laws Government control for our protection and our born & god given rights as Americans. The republicans want it like it was 100 yrs ago the Wild West all over again The rich and powerfull have thier way with us and rob us blind by calling it something like downsize the government control.Give or turn over our protection of Social Security and Medicare to the private sector so we can keep being abused and Congress & the wealthy corps get richer by passing Laws to steal our money ,by taking our government protected rights away. we need to vote them out put people like myself and others in that are living thier abuse so we can change the bad Laws and make Laws we all can live and grow with .Instead of for personal financial gain for a selected Party that is in there just to help the Corps that want to steal from us . Tell Paul Ryan and Others in Congress members they must work in the private sector with no benefits and only get benefits up to the point they are almost dead and caint walk. And must work 2 jobs to pay the taxes ,so the rich or millionaires dont have to pay taxes.Lets just vote them out and vote in real people with real experiences, that can relate to us all .

  5. Richard Heckler on October 25, 2012 at 10:08 pm

    Face it neither WOMEN nor Republicans nor Democrats nor the Middle class can afford the Republican Party!

    — Women will be getting more republican big government in there lives? It is on the way!

    — Killing Social Security Insurance Is Not An Option.

    — Killing Medicare Insurance is simply not an option.