Death By Spreadsheet Booklet Now Available

This booklet contains testimonials detailing injustices of the American health care system. These are firsthand accounts of tragedy and death due to insurance denials and lack of coverage.

At a time when 47 million American people are uninsured and 80 million more Americans have inadequate coverage, these expressions of suffering–posted to our online petition–document the experiences of people in the midst of this health care crisis. In a society that can attribute 101,000 unnecessary deaths each year to problems with our health insurance system and lack of preventative care, these are the voices of just a few of the victims.

Remember, insurance companies must deny healthcare claims in order to increase their profits.

Please download the booklet.


  1. Mr.Angry on January 15, 2009 at 12:11 am

    I live in Canada. So no matter how many flaws the health care system may hvae here, I can at least take comfort in the fact that if I’m ever seriously injured or sick, I won’t have a huge bill to go with it.

  2. Eliza Jane Dodd on February 7, 2009 at 12:44 pm

    My husband had heat stroke last summer .They gave him a cat scan and a MRI and chaged us $15,000 .We called the Hospital and told them we didnt have health insurance .They gave us a discount to $5 grand .My husband asked why are you giving us a discount ? Because we didnt have health care is what they said .So my husband asked why cant you give the insurance companies that discount ? The man didnt know what to say ! Before they knew we had no health care they charged us $15,000.00 for 3 hours of emaergency room care and they didnt even want to give him any kind of pain meds at all only asprin ! Our sister in law the nurse Had to Yell at them and tell the Nurses and Doctors that that is a PROFIT HOSPITAL not a COUNTY and they should give my husband pain meds ..Finally they did and only a little .He suffered beyond what any human should have suffered after being in 130 degree garage ! And Not Workmans or OSHA did anything about it !And we live in Texas .Not One thing was ever done and we have to pay this bill .
    In 2003 I was given steriods when I had caught HBV at work .Workmans comp never told me I had HBV til the very last …When my year was almost up .I went to the COUNTY Emergency Room in Jackson Tennessee for Help .My liver was shutting down and my kidneys .I was in bad shape .They took a ultra sound and the LOOK on that Nurses face made me worry and they told me to go home there was nothing they could do for me .I never noticed the illegals before I went in ..but I noticed them on the way out ..They were all being taken care of in the Emergency room beds and the parking lot was full of illegals .I had to drive home very sick and before I left they gave me a CARD to go see a Specialist …by law to cover their asses from being sued .I went home to DIE and I got online my last chance to live I looked for a HEALER to Pray for me .BUT a WEB Site came up called .I did the gallstone flush and it irradicated my HBV ! I was so afraid to die I had to try anything and I am glad I did the gall stone flush .Since then I have went to HBV meetings and told people what I did and lots of people got rid of their HBV and one Art Teacher got rid of her HBC ! And now I get all kinds of Cards @ Christmas and other times thanking me for helping them LIVE .2 weeks later I found a DUKE Dr. and went to him and he told me I had irradicated my HBV and he gave me a Liver Biopsy to see if my liver was damaged by Workman Comp doctors and a Ultra Sound .This Doctor told me the Workmans comp doctors were trying to KILL ME and WHY …And The Duke Doctor said they do it all the Time ! And he was very mad ! I had to tell the Duke Dr. everything I did .And as I was leaving He was on the computer with his assitant looking at the to see what I did .I tell myself this was fate and this was the Hand of GOD to let me live and not DIE at the Hands of Workmans comp Dcotors ! Now my mission in life is to get ALL AMERICANS HR676 so no one ever has to experience what I did ! it was Pure Hell ! I laid in Bed for a WHOLE YEAR Crying myself to sleep ! GOD HEARD me ! Amen !

  3. Bruce Francis on October 4, 2009 at 12:12 am

    if every insurance company had a “death counter” in its name that displayed, by the minute, how many people have and are dying because they have no or inadequate health care coverage, and those “death counters” could be viewed as banners on sites across the web, do you think the world would get he message.