Call for Workshop Proposals

Healthcare-NOW! will be hosting its National Strategy Conference for the single-payer healthcare movement the weekend of October 5-6 this year in Nashville, TN. Participants are invited to submit workshop proposals for potential inclusion in the conference. The conference aims to build our movement and facilitate creative and effective organizing – this is your chance to discuss tactics, share movement-building skills, and launch new initiatives!

We will have spots for nine to twelve workshops, each approximately one hour in length. The Host Committee for the Conference will choose among submitted proposals based on the following criteria:

  • All workshops should be action-oriented (not focused primarily on policy), and should facilitate organizing projects beyond the conference.
  • Workshops that are collaboratively organized – sponsored by multiple organizations or a range of individuals – will be given priority.
  • Workshops that include a focus on how strategy and messaging can address racial and ethnic inequities in heath care, that focus on organizing by and with politically marginalized communities, and that feature facilitators from a range of affected communities, will receive priority.
  • Workshops that are innovative, described clearly, and likely to be well-attended will all be given preference!

To submit your conference workshop proposal please email with the following information:
1) The proposed title of your workshop;
2) A very brief (no more than two paragraphs) and compelling description of the workshop;
3) A list of any sponsoring organizations; and
4) The names and affiliations (if any) of facilitator(s) for the workshop.

All workshop proposals must be submitted by Friday, August 23 at 5PM pacific time.