10th Anniversary Strategy Conference, Aug. 22-24

You can register online now for the August 22-24 super-conference that will bring together Healthcare-NOW!, the Labor Campaign for Single-Payer Health Care, and One Payer States in Oakland, CA! For the... 

July 30th: Medicare’s 49th Anniversary

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July 30, 2014 will mark the 49th anniversary of Medicare, our only publicly financed, universal health plan, which lifted a generation of seniors out of poverty. Each year Healthcare-NOW! coordinates Medicare’s... 

BLET-Kentucky State Legislative Board Endorses HR 676

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From Unions for Single Payer – Bryan Aldridge, Chairman, reports that the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers-Kentucky State Legislative Board, has endorsed HR 676, national single payer health... 

In Memory of Tim Carpenter

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By Benjamin Day – This past Monday melanoma finally took Tim Carpenter, who is best known as the founder and long-time Executive Director of Progressive Democrats of America. Tim was a fierce organizer... 

Obamacare’s Empty Victory

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By Margaret Flowers, M.D. for The Indypendent – It feels truly Orwellian that progressives are applauding the forced purchase of private health insurance — one of the most hated industries in... 

Healthcare, Not Health Insurance

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From Media Mobilizing Project – Everyone gets sick, but not everyone can access healthcare when they need it. The Affordable Care Act has expanded access, but millions are still left out, and most... 

Health Insurance CEO Pay Skyrockets in 2013

Some See Their Compensation Double Chief executive officers at Fortune 500 health insurance companies, who have opposed new regulations under the Affordable Care Act, emerged this month as one of the ACA’s... 

Aetna CEO Gets 131% Pay Hike – Take Action!

Aetna’s CEO Mark Bertolini received a 131% pay hike, bringing in $30.7 million: that’s 877 times the $35k that the average worker makes in a year. Tell him that’s not okay. Share... 

Tim Carpenter’s Politics of Radical Inclusion: In the Streets and in the Polling Booths

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By John Nichols for the Nation – Tim Carpenter never lost faith in the very real prospect of a very radical change for the better. And he never lost his organizer’s certainty that the tipping... 

Save the Date: Healthcare-NOW!’s 10th Anniversary Strategy Conference

This year marks our 10th anniversary! Marilyn Clement founded Healthcare-NOW! in 2004 originally under the title “Campaign for a National Health Program NOW.” We are doing something extraordinary... 

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