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The Waiting Is the Hardest Part!

Even if you have health insurance in this country, accessing healthcare can be a long, grueling process! Every day, we hear from folks who have had to wait months -- or even years -- just to see a doctor or schedule an important procedure. On next week's episode of the Medicare for All Podcast, we'll be doing a deep dive into why our wait times in the US are so bad, how we compare to other countries, and how all this waiting impacts our health. We'd also like to share stories from our supporters about how long wait times have affected you and your family.

Use the form below to submit your story -- you can decide whether you would like your story shared with your name or anonymously.

At Healthcare NOW, we know that storytelling is our most powerful messaging to win universal healthcare, which is why we've started the Voices of U.S. Healthcare project, a national database of powerful stories about the failures of our current healthcare system from patients and healthcare providers. This form also allows you to submit your story to potentially appear in the Voices of US Healthcare database!

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The most effective way to share your story is with a video, but if you are more comfortable sharing your story in writing that is fine as well!

To make a video, record using your phone then upload the video file to Google Drive, OneDrive, Drop Box, or another cloud service (your phone will often do this automatically after you record!), then copy and paste the link to your video below.

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A Pic is Worth a Thousand Words

Did you know people have an easier time empathizing with people who they've seen a picture of? We'll include your photo along with your story on our "Voices of U.S. Healthcare" page - headshots are best! Click the black bar below to upload your image file.