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Telling Your Healthcare Story

Telling Your Healthcare Story Training

Length: 90 minutes
Resources: Training Slideshow, Frequent Challenges Telling Your Healthcare Story

Description: Our vision is to develop a national network of speakers and writers whose powerful personal testimony about the U.S. healthcare system will serve as the public face of the urgent, moral call for Medicare for All. To join us - please sign up below!

Your healthcare story is the most powerful message for Medicare for All - far more important than economic arguments, or data about uninsurance and bankruptcy rates. In this 90 minute training, we will teach you the craft of story-telling and help you develop a moving 2-minute version of your healthcare story. We will share your story on our website, making your testimony available for op-eds, letters to the editor, Healthcare-NOW reports, public hearings, and for reporters interested in your experience with the healthcare system.

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