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Tell Your MEDICAID Story

Medicaid - our nation's only safety-net health insurance program for people with low incomes and some disabilities/medical conditions - is one of the most important and vital healthcare programs in the United States. Medicaid provides health coverage to 87 million Americans, and pays for more than 42% of all spending on long-term care in the country. For many, it is our only safety net when we can't get insurance through a job or afford to buy it on our own.

Medicaid goes by different names in different states, such as "Cal-Care" in California, "STAR+PLUS" in Texas,  or "Medical Assistance" in many states.

However, Medicaid has been under attack, and we want to hear your stories about what your experience with Medicaid coverage has been like. What's wrong with Medicaid? Many physicians and other providers don't accept Medicaid patients because of low payment rates. Most states have privatized their Medicaid programs, which are now run by private insurance companies with an incentive to deny coverage. The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was intended to dramatically expand Medicaid eligibility in all states, but a Supreme Court ruling allowed states to opt out of that expansion, which 11 states mostly in the South have still done. And most recently with the end of COVID emergency regulations, millions of people are being kicked off of Medicaid, even though most are eligible and should be covered.

What has your Medicaid experience been?

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