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Your story of how you've been impacted by the healthcare system is your most powerful message for winning universal healthcare. Whether you personally haven't been able to access the care or prescriptions you need or you were left with unaffordable medical bills; whether you're a business person struggling to cover healthcare for your employees or someone who worked in the healthcare industry and didn't like what you saw - please share your story below and join our Voices of U.S. Healthcare project!

We ask for your contact information so we can reach out to you and ask more about your story - your information will never be posted on the website or shared with any anyone unless you indicate you're willing to speak with reporters, Medicare for All groups in your area, or at public events.

Your Contact Information

In Video or In Writing

The most effective way to share your story is with a video, but if you are more comfortable sharing your story in writing that is fine as well!

To make a video, record using your phone then upload the video file to Google Drive, OneDrive, Drop Box, or another cloud service (your phone will often do this automatically after you record!), then copy and paste the link to your video below.

To share your story in writing, simply write it out in the story box below.

A Pic is Worth a Thousand Words

Did you know people have an easier time empathizing with people who they've seen a picture of? We'll include your photo along with your story on our "Voices of U.S. Healthcare" page - headshots are best! Click the black bar below to upload your image file.