Take the Pledge to Fight for Single Payer Healthcare!

Take the Pledge to Fight for Single Payer Healthcare!

Photo of Rally Against Private Health Insurers

The healthcare system in the United States takes thousands of lives every year from the uninsured and underinsured; it imposes financial ruin on millions more who cannot go without treatment but also can't afford sky-rocketing premiums, deductibles, and co-payments; it is undermining functional government as rising healthcare costs edge out all other federal, state, and municipal priorities such as education, public safety, and public health; and it the single greatest threat to the U.S. economy as those same costs are crippling business budgets in every indsutry.

There is a solution: virtually every developed nation guarantees access to healthcare for all residents - and controls costs - by offering healthcare coverage as a public good, keeping for-profit middlemen out of the system. We already provide universal, public healthcare in the U.S. through Medicare, our country's most humane and cost effective plan covering seniors. Our failure to adopt a single-payer healthcare system is immoral, and protects only the immense profits generated by our broken system.

I call on my Representative and Senators to co-sponsor and pass single-payer legislation in Congress, such as the Expanded & Improved Medicare for All Act in the House and the American Health Security Act in the Senate, which would cover all residents and save thousands for working families.

I pledge to build the single-payer movement by:

  • Recruiting 20 new people to "Take the Pledge";
  • Responding to national calls to contact my legislators;
  • Taking action when the movement targets healthcare profiteers; and
  • Rallying behind victims of the healthcare system.

I'm Taking the Pledge