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The purpose of the Single Payer Rapid Response Network is to alert and mobilize a large base of single payer supporters around single payer news events, empowering you - the single payer movement - to hold journalists accountable for reporting the facts, and to make sure the public hears from the 58% of the population that supports Medicare for All!

The Rapid Response Network is comprised of members of Healthcare-NOW, Labor Campaign for Single Payer, and other allies.

How it works:

Step 1: The coalition identifies an opportunity - whether it's a news piece, an upcoming debate, etc. - for single payer supporters to speak out on behalf of the movement.

Step 2: The coalition alerts the Rapid Response Network by text/email, with talking points and tips to use as you'd like.

Step 3: Rapid Response Network members use the opportunity to shut down establishment myths about single payer!

Here's a list of some actions that you could be involved in as a part of this initiative:

  • Draft opinion pieces or letters to the editor to your local/state papers
  • Provide support for single payer in the comments field of online news pieces
  • Call in to TV or radio stations if an event (presidential debates, etc.) is scheduled in advance
  • Follow key reporters/newspapers on Facebook and comment/direct message in support of single payer
  • Follow key journalists/newspapers on Twitter, holding them accountable for reporting factually on single payer

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