Outreach Resources

Tabling Essentials

Sign Up Sheet: Great for signing people up at meetings – Download the .pdf.

HR 676 PetitionDownload the .pdf.


Outreach Resources

Handouts and booklets for tabling and education:

Improved Medicare for All bookletDownload the .pdf of our basic handout explaining single-payer reform (available in separate pages or in spreads).

Single-Payer Activist Guide to the Affordable Care ActDownload the .pdf (available in separate pages or in spreads).

Funding a National Single-Payer SystemDownload the .pdf.

Threats to Medicare, Medicaid HandoutDownload the .pdf.

Hands Off Medicare Fact Sheet: Protecting Medicare from the Deficit Commission’s Cuts – Download the .pdf.

Healthcare Polling HandoutDownload the .pdf.

Win-Win Campaign Brochure: On how cities can save money if HR 676 was passed. – Download the .pdf.

Small Business GuideDownload the .pdf.



State of the Single Payer Movement & Movement Action PlanningWatch this keynote speech by Healthcare-NOW’s Executive Director.

Sick Around the World – You can watch this documentary for free on the PBS website.

Critical Condition – You can watch this Point of View documentary for free on the PBS website.