Purchase an Ad in the NYC Single-Payer Strategy Conference Program Book

Purchase an Ad in the NYC Single-Payer Strategy Conference Program Book

Purchasing an ad in the program book of the Single-Payer Strategy Conference is a great way to show your support for the movement, to thank particular organizations or individuals, or to get the word out about your work! Every purchase of an ad or name listing comes with a complimentary registration to the Conference.

This year we are looking for a small group of “Platinum Sponsors” to make a $2,500 donation that will enable us to host an opening reception and keynote the first night of the conference.

You can pay by credit card below, or if you prefer to write a check, choose “I will send payment by check” under payment options and you will receive instructions about how to make out the check and where to send it. If you are a union on strike, please ask us about a free ad.

Here are details for preparing and submitting your ad copy:

  • All ads print in black & white (color submissions are fine – they will be converted)
  • You can submit your ad via email to info[@]healthcare-now.org as an image file or a PDF, or send a paper proof to Healthcare-NOW, 9A Hamilton Place, Boston, MA 02108
  • These are the dimensions for the ad sizes: quarter-page 2.25″ width x 3.75″ height; half-page 4.75″ width x 3.75″ height; full-page 4.75″ width x 8″ height; name mention plus a note – no more than one reasonable-length sentence!

Questions about placing an ad?

Contact us at 215-732-2131 or info[at]healthcare-now.org.

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