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This 30-min presentation goes over:

  • Healthcare-NOW's history and founding
  • the state of the Medicare for All movement today
  • our theory of change and strategy to win
  • trainings you can take to further your organizing and knowledge of M4A
  • 8 Medicare for All volunteer teams and how you can get involved

Below you can sign up for one of these teams!

Volunteers carry out our most effective programs - from educating activists and developing educational materials to carrying out campaigns and lobbying Congress. These volunteer teams will help the Medicare for All movement grow to the size and impact we'll need to take on the health insurance industry and win.

There are many roles to fill; some are smaller commitments and some are fairly significant. Some are time-constrained to just a few weeks or months, while others are ongoing. Email if you have questions about any of the roles below.

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2022 Healthcare Census

The Healthcare Census is a big project with a big goal: to talk with 10,000 of our friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers about the healthcare crisis in this country by December 31, 2022. We know that talking - and most important, really listening - to people is the only way to better understand the issues they are facing and invite them to join us in fighting for Medicare for All.

The Census interview is a 15-20 minute survey about issues people might face in getting or paying for medical treatment, and it's a great way to start a conversation about healthcare. The answers can remain anonymous, or respondents can give their contact info. The interview can be conducted over the phone, via zoom, or in-person (with COVID safety precautions in place) - whatever works best for you.

We need volunteers to conduct interviews with others, be interviewed themselves, coordinate a volunteer team, and/or help provide tech support to the campaign. Healthcare-NOW will provide all the tools and training you need and host monthly support calls where folks can report back on their progress, brainstorm solutions for common obstacles, and build community with other folks who are passionate about healthcare justice!

Sign up here, and we'll follow up with you shortly!

If you are a member of a group that would like to join the Healthcare Census, you can find out more information about how to become a partner organization here!

Questions? Feel free to email us at

It isn't necessary to give us your full mailing address, but if you do, we'll send you a packet of materials to get started!

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