National M4A Volunteer Teams

Welcome to Healthcare-NOW!

This 30-min presentation goes over:

  • Healthcare-NOW's history and founding
  • the state of the Medicare for All movement today
  • our theory of change and strategy to win
  • trainings you can take to further your organizing and knowledge of M4A
  • 8 Medicare for All volunteer teams and how you can get involved

Below you can sign up for one of these teams!

Volunteers carry out our most effective programs - from educating activists and developing educational materials to carrying out campaigns and lobbying Congress. These volunteer teams will help the Medicare for All movement grow to the size and impact we'll need to take on the health insurance industry and win.

There are many roles to fill; some are smaller commitments and some are fairly significant. Some are time-constrained to just a few weeks or months, while others are ongoing. Email if you have questions about any of the roles below.

Sign Up for a Volunteer Role

Share Your Healthcare Story
Every successful social movement has been led by the people and communities most impacted by a system of oppression - from women's right to vote, to civil rights, and equal marriage. Our most powerful tool for social change is the voices of those who have been impacted by the healthcare system.
If you have a healthcare story to tell - either your own or that of a loved one, or a patient - Healthcare-NOW is willing to train you and support you in telling your story publicly (to the press, legislators, or to your fellow residents at public events).
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Project Management
Social Media/Comms
Priority District Organizing

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