Benjamin Day and Gillian Mason of Healthcare-NOW break down everything you need to know about the social movement to make healthcare a right in the United States. Welcome to Medicare for All!

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It’s a socialist takeover: Trump’s SOTU, the Democratic debates, and Parasite!

By Benjamin Day | February 11, 2020

Donald Trump’s State of the Union address includes some good old fashioned red-baiting re: Medicare for All. Centrist Democrats vying for the party’s nomination pile on, albeit from different angles, at the New Hampshire debate. Parasite wins big at the Oscars!! Show Notes Ben dedicates the show to everyone who needs healthcare. Stephanie would like…

Iowa: Medicare for All Battleground

By Benjamin Day | February 4, 2020

PACs are advertising in Iowa not only for candidates – but also against Medicare for All. Listen in on some of the ads and break them down with us. Also – an update on where California is on establishing a state single payer healthcare system. Show Notes This week Stephanie would like to exempt Michael…

Introducing: Medicare for All

By Benjamin Day | January 16, 2020

The very first episode of the “Medicare for All” podcast! Ben & Stephanie talk about their struggles to access and afford healthcare in America, and how they became organizers in the Medicare for All movement. Finally, they talk about what they’ll be brining to listeners on the Medicare for All podcast! Show Notes Ben dedicates…

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