Benjamin Day and Gillian Mason of Healthcare-NOW break down everything you need to know about the social movement to make healthcare a right in the United States. Welcome to Medicare for All!

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Progressives propose Medicare for the Uninsured; Pelosi proposes COBRA subsidies

By Benjamin Day | April 15, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Pramila Jayapal draft a bill that would expand Medicare to all who are uninsured for the duration of the crisis. Nancy Pelosi introduces a bill that would cover the full cost of premiums for people who lost employer-sponsored health insurance. Unfortunately, that accounts for…

Bernie drops out, COVID-19 rages on

By Benjamin Day | April 9, 2020

We take a look at the impact that Bernie Sanders campaign had on the Medicare for All movement. COVID-19 brings out the pinko commie in NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, who decides to socialize the NY hospital systems. People of color are, as with everything health-related, hit disproportionately by the effects of COVID-19, with blacks being…

COVID-19: millions lose their job – and health insurance – during a pandemic

By Benjamin Day | April 3, 2020

COVID-19 reveals what we knew all along: that employment-based health insurance is messed up. In this episode, we explore the consequences that unjust policies and an inadequate safety net have brought to bear in the face of a public health crisis. Joe Biden also takes some heat for doubling down on his opposition to Medicare…

COVID-19 & Medicare for All

By Stephanie Nakajima | March 18, 2020

COVID-19 presents unprecedented challenges for us here at Healthcare-NOW. Many of our activists have underlying health conditions or are part of other vulnerable populations (the uninsured, seniors, low-income) and must take quarantine very seriously; some – healthcare workers at the front lines, or residents of assisted living communities – will be separated from their families…

Super Tuesday, the “Electability” Argument, Workers’ Rights, Elizabeth Warren & the Tax Problem

By Benjamin Day | March 10, 2020

Medicare for All wins Super Tuesday, even if its most loyal candidates did not. The stock market – especially healthcare stocks – freaked over Sanders’s rise, and then stabilized after Biden’s comeback. Profits safe! Gillian Mason, Director of Massachusetts Jobs with Justice, talks about giving power back to workers with Medicare for All. Elizabeth Warren’s…

South Carolina, Coronavirus, Wonk Wars, and Organizing Victories

By Benjamin Day | March 3, 2020

Joe Biden wins his first, and so far only, primary with the help of Medicare for All supporters. Trump’s team doesn’t believe in the coronavirus, but if it does exist, Medicare for All would make it worse (?!?). Centrist policy experts trash the Yale Medicare for All study and then trash the entire policy of…

The Culinary Union Upset: Nevada debate and primary results, Medicare for All studies, and GoFundMe

By Benjamin Day | February 25, 2020

Nevada’s largest and most influential union bucks leadership to support Medicare for All; new study from Yale economists is added to the extensive body of research arguing Medicare for All would save lives and billions of dollars; Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar’s healthcare plans finally receive some scrutiny, thanks to Elizabeth Warren Show Notes The…

Launching “Patients over Profits”; Nevada’s Culinary Union attacks; John Oliver takes on the public option

By Benjamin Day | February 19, 2020

National Nurses United and partners launch a new campaign to expose and fight back against industry influence in the Medicare for All debate, inspired by the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge led by Sunrise and other climate change organizations. We’ll tell you how to get involved. The Nevada Culinary Union has come out hard against…

It’s a socialist takeover: Trump’s SOTU, the Democratic debates, and Parasite!

By Benjamin Day | February 11, 2020

Donald Trump’s State of the Union address includes some good old fashioned red-baiting re: Medicare for All. Centrist Democrats vying for the party’s nomination pile on, albeit from different angles, at the New Hampshire debate. Parasite wins big at the Oscars!! Show Notes Ben dedicates the show to everyone who needs healthcare. Stephanie would like…

Iowa: Medicare for All Battleground

By Benjamin Day | February 4, 2020

PACs are advertising in Iowa not only for candidates – but also against Medicare for All. Listen in on some of the ads and break them down with us. Also – an update on where California is on establishing a state single payer healthcare system. Show Notes This week Stephanie would like to exempt Michael…

Introducing: Medicare for All

By Benjamin Day | January 16, 2020

The very first episode of the “Medicare for All” podcast! Ben & Stephanie talk about their struggles to access and afford healthcare in America, and how they became organizers in the Medicare for All movement. Finally, they talk about what they’ll be brining to listeners on the Medicare for All podcast! Show Notes Ben dedicates…

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