State Single Payer Legislation

Single payer advocacy groups in many states are successfully pursuing state-level legislation. This legislation is a constantly moving target - please help keep this page up to date by emailing us with updated links for your state!

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Organization: Healthy California
Bill: Guaranteed Health Care for All (CalCare)


Organization: Health Care for All Colorado
Bill: The Colorado Universal Health Plan


Organization: Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement
Bill: An Act establishing the healthy Iowa program


Organization: Illinois Single-Payer Coalition
Bill: Illinois Universal Health Care Act


Organization: Maine AllCare
Bill: An Act To Establish a Unified-payor, Universal Health Care System


Organization: Healthcare-NOW! of Maryland
Bill: Maryland Health Security Act


Organization: Mass-Care
Bill: An Act for Improved Medicare for All in Massachusetts: Providing Guaranteed, Affordable Health Care


Organizations: Health Care for All Minnesota and PNHP Minnesota
Bill: Minnesota Health Act


Organization: Missourians for Single Payer
Bill: Missouri Universal Health Assurance Program

New Jersey

Organization: New Jersey Universal Healthcare Coalition
Bill: Expands Medicare health care coverage to all New Jersey residents

New Mexico

Organization: Health Security for New Mexicans Campaign
Bill: Health Security Act

New York

Organization: Campaign for New York Health
Bill: New York Health Act


Organization: Single Payer Action Network (SPAN) Ohio
Bill: Ohio Health Care Plan


Organization: Health Care for All Oregon
Bill: Affordable Health Care For All Oregon Plan


Organization: Health Care 4 All PA
Bill: An Act providing for a Statewide comprehensive health care system

Rhode Island

Organization: PNHP Rhode Island
Bill: The Rhode Island Comprehensive Health Insurance Program

South Carolina

Organization: Healthcare For All - South Carolina
Bill: The Palmetto Comprehensive Health Care Act


Organization: Vermont Health Care for All
Bill: An act relating to phased implementation of Green Mountain Care


Organization: Health Care for All Washington
Bill: Washington Health Security Trust