Listing of National Single Payer Healthcare Legislation

Below is a sortable list of legislation introduced to Congress to establish a national healthcare program in the United States. You can view our timeline of legislation here, which includes a narrative of events, as well as a separate listing of Congressional hearings and single-payer studies.

YearsBill #sSponsor(s)Title
1939-1941S. 1620Sen. Robert WagnerNational Health Act of 1939
1943-1944S. 1161 , H.R. 2861Sen. Robert Wagner, Rep. Wagner-Murray-Dingell Bill of 1943
1945-1948S. 1050, S. 1606, S. 1320, H.R. 3293, H.R. 4730Sen. Robert Wagner, Sen. James Murray, Rep. John DingellNational Health Act
1949-1950S. 1679, H.R. 4312Sen. James MurrayNational Health Insurance and Public Health Act
1957-2010H.R. 15, H.R. 16, othersRep. John DingellNational Health Insurance Act
1969-1972S. 3711, S. 836Sen. Jacob JavitsNational Health Insurance and Health Services Improvement Act
1970-1978S. 4297, S. 3, H.R. 22Sen. Ted Kennedy, Rep. Martha Griffiths, Rep. James CormanHealth Security Act
1991-1992H.R. 1300Rep. Marty RussoUniversal Health Care Act of 1991
1993-2016H.R. 1200, S. 491, S. 915, S. 1782Rep. Jim McDermott, Sen. Paul Wellstone, Sen. Bernie SandersAmerican Health Security Act
1999-2000S. 2888Sen. Paul WellstoneHealth Security for All Americans Act
2003-2018H.R. 676Rep. John ConyersExpanded and Improved Medicare for All Act
2005-2008S. 1218, S. 2229, H.R.2034, H.R.4683Sen. Ted Kennedy, Rep. John DingellMedicare for All Act
2017-S. 1804Sen. Bernie SandersMedicare-for-All Act