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SIGN UP for the Healthcare-NOW Street Team!

The Street Team will be collecting signatures in every state for S. 1804, the Senate Medicare for All bill. We’ll conclude the campaign by combining and delivering the petitions to your Senators and requesting their sponsorship!

Step 1: Set your signature goal – 50? 100? 300?
Step 2: Invite your friends – canvassing together is more fun!
Step 3: Get out there and start talking to your community about single payer!

Everyone who signs up to get 50 or more signatures will receive our Single Payer Street Team Package with:

FAQ on Signature Gathering

Why is it important to collect signatures in person and not only online?
Online petitions can reach many people quickly, but tend to mobilize the same people over and over. And while online petitions are great for demonstrating mass public support, they don’t connect people to local organizing, where they can participate in effective, longer-term campaigns. Getting out into our communities and talking to people who aren’t in our online circles is the only way we’ll build the broad movement necessary to win single payer.

I’ve never canvassed before and don’t know where to start.
Many of you will be new to signature gathering – that’s why we created an online Guide to Collecting Signatures, which you can also download as a PDF. This is a great skill to have, transferable to any other political/issue campaign. You can also download our S. 1804 flyer to print, if people want more information. Download the black and white version here.

Both of my Senators are Republicans – why should I bother?
40% of Republican voters and close to 50% of independents support a federally-financed health insurance system that covers all Americans – yet no national legislator from the GOP is on either the House or Senate single payer bills. A successful end game strategy will require the commitment of people from across the political spectrum, and it’s time that Republican leadership was held accountable to these voters.

I’ve reached my goal and need more petition pages! 
Awesome! Download your state’s petition here.

Unfortunately I can’t join the Street Team. How else can I help? 
You can financially support this campaign by donating here!

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