Rep. Dan Hunt of Dorchester is currently a co-sponsor of the Medicare for All bill in the State House. BUT he's a passive supporter who never campaigns on/speaks about the bill - yet!

He is NOT a member of the Medicare for All Caucus, which is doing the work of actually building support for and ultimately passing the legislation.

This effort is part of a broader push that Mass-Care is running: a state-wide campaign to get as many cosponsors as possible on this working Caucus. So far we have 73 cosponsors and 22 caucus members - a significant increase from last year.


Send an email to his office asking him to join the Caucus

When: Wednesday, Sept 30th

The official Day of Action is the 30th, but you can send the email at any time. Draft email below.

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Questions? Email campaign lead and Dorchester resident Stephanie Nakajima at


Subject: Join the Medicare for All Caucus

Emails: and (his aide)

Dear Rep. Hunt and Ms. Walsh,

My name is ____ and I am a constituent of Rep. Hunt’s, living at ________. I am emailing to ask Rep. Hunt to join 22 other Massachusetts legislators in the Medicare for All Caucus.

I thank Rep. Hunt for being a cosponsor of H.1194/S.683. Passing Medicare for All in Massachusetts is essential because it would fully and fairly fund every neighborhood hospital and clinic, give every Massachusetts resident the same quality of coverage, and control our out-of-control healthcare costs.

Our employment-based healthcare system is collapsing under the coronavirus pandemic, and in fact has never worked for our community. We are asking you to take a leadership role on advancing Medicare for All during this unprecedented healthcare crisis.

Being a member of the caucus is a small time commitment that will have a huge impact on advancing life-saving legislation. Medicare for All caucus members agree to host one Medicare for All event for your district, and to work with the Medicare for All caucus and attend meetings.

Please contact Rep. Lindsay Sabadosa or Senator Jamie Eldridge to join the Caucus. Thank you for your time and leadership,

(your name)

(your organization)