Create Your Own Fundraising Page in 4 Steps

Step 1: Create a username and password on the registration page - when you first register you'll get a confirmation email to click on before you can set up your fundraising page

Step 2: You'll arrive at a page that says "My Campaigns" -- if you are redirected to a page that asks you to update your profile, feel free to add any information you'd like, then click here to get back to your campaign page. From there click "Create a New Campaign" (or click here)

Step 3: This is where you'll create your page! Here are some tips and an example in the photo below:

  • Campaign Name: This is what appears at the top of the page. Adding your name can make it more personal - "Ben's Fundraising Page"
  • Short Description: This is the short text that goes above your image or video - a quick explanation of the campaign.
  • Full Description: This is where you'll talk about who you are and why single-payer/the work of HCN is important to you
  • Feature image or video: a picture or video of yourself. Don't be afraid to do a selfie video!

Fundraising Goal: It's best to set a goal a bit beyond what you think you can raise. We recommend $500. (You may be able to raise more depending on your network).

End Date: We'll run this campaign until the end of the year, so December 31st would be a good end-date.

*Note on privacy: You'll be asked to fill out your email address and home address, but don't worry - none of this will be public or appear on the page.

At the bottom, it will ask you for your profile picture - you don't need to upload anything here.

Having trouble? Feel free to reach out to


Step 4: After you are done tinkering, click "Submit Campaign".

You will receive an email with the shareable link to your page.

If you'd like to see a list of all your donations, go here:

Tips for Getting Donations

Your page is up - now you're ready to harass your networks! Here are some tips:

1. For the first round – before sharing on social media - create a list of close family and friends who support the issue, and email them a personal appeal. Perhaps mention HCN’s situation and what a donation from them would mean. These initial donations will give your page a little momentum to start off with.

2. The next step would be to write a bigger list of people – neighbors, colleagues, classmates, healthcare providers, friends from other progressive organizations, extended family – and do the same personal appeal. In-person requests are also very effective.

3. After your page garners a couple donations, then it's time to share on social media. Share on Facebook, Twitter, etc. One very important tip about fundraising on social media: you MUST tag individuals who you'd like to donate in your post (or in the comments section of your post, or in a reply to your own tweet). If you don't do this, very few people will see your fundraising appeal, and you likely won't see much of a response.

4. Finally, if you don't meet your goal, go back to your first list of core supporters and ask them to share the page on social media as well. My brother and I have about 60 mutual friends on FB; if we both share the petition, then there’s a greater chance of more of those people seeing it.