Class: Telling Your Healthcare Story

Class: Telling Your Healthcare Story


Why do we fight for healthcare justice?

Despite horrifying statistics – unnecessary deaths, medical bankruptcy, and more – people are rarely moved to action by data. We are moved to action when our personal experiences with the healthcare system violate our most basic values of what is fair and moral, and when we believe we can win change.

Your most compelling story for inspiring others to act is your own story, which cannot be found in a research report or a spreadsheet. It requires reflecting on why you are moved to take action to win single-payer healthcare, zeroing in on moments when you were confronted by the healthcare system, remembering how that moment made you feel, examining the values that compelled you to take action, and explaining what happened when you did act – perhaps acting changed you as a person, or you made a difference.

Healthcare-NOW’s class on ‘Telling Your Healthcare Story’ is based on the ‘Public Narrative’ workshop developed by Marshall Ganz of Harvard University, which is used by social movements and community organizations across the world.