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This picture was taken on May 5th, 2009, when I and 7 of my fellow single payer activists were arrested at an "invitation-only" Roundtable Discussion on approaches to healthcare (that excluded single payer as an option). Our crime? Demanding that single payer be put on the table. Standing up to Senator Baucus in 2009 and shining a light on the “pay to play” politics that resulted in the ACA will remains one of the pivotal moments of my life. The work that Healthcare-Now does to educate and mobilize everyday people who suffer needlessly at the alter of corporate greed is more important now than ever.

Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, Dr. Thomas Price, and Seema Verma had better get ready for a challenge; will you help?

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Getting arrested outside the U.S. Senate

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Our country is at a critical crossroads for healthcare: will we go further down this road of poor access paid for by high and rising costs, and watch our public health programs be privatized? Or will we fight back and demand more?

Healthcare-NOW organizes thousands of activists in all 50 states, and supports both state and national single payer efforts. We believe that access to healthcare is basic to human dignity and will oppose any attempts to repeal, privatize, or undermine the healthcare of U.S. residents. We instead fight to Protect, Improve and Expand Medicare for all. Through nationally coordinated actions, public education, and lobbying, we'll fight for the healthcare system Americans deserve and can have: one that costs less and covers everyone. Join us!