Lindy Hern

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Aloha Friends and Family,
As most of you know, I have been working with the Movement for Single Payer since I started my Master's research in the spring of 2004. I have been on the board of a wonderful organization that works for Single Payer at the national level - Health Care NOW - since 2009. I feel very proud and passionate about my role in this organization because making sure that everyone - and I mean EVERYONE -- has access to quality health CARE is of central importance if we really want to move toward a society that is truly committed to equality for all. My goal is to raise 500 dollars for Health Care NOW, but there is no limit to what we can do when we work together! Please help me to support this organization by donating whatever you can today, or as a recurring donation. If you are able to donate, just click on the donate now button. If not, please consider participating in other ways! Please ask me any questions that you may have!
Much love,
Goal $500.00
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$50.00 raised
Linda Page
$ 10.00
Proud of you, Lindy!!
$ 25.00
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Keep fighting for this worthy cause, Lindy!!

Please give what you can to Healthcare-NOW

Healthcare-NOW organizes thousands of activists in all 50 states, and supports both state and national single payer efforts. To win, we must build a powerful social movement through education and action, so our work focuses on:
  • raising up the voices of patients who feel isolated in their struggles with the healthcare system
  • educating activists to gain the knowledge and skills they need to become leaders
  • mobilizing our movement through collective action