Mark Piotrowski

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I’m a Healthcare-NOW! board member and active in the fight for single-payer healthcare because I HATE INSURANCE COMPANIES!

I’m sick of them denying families the care they need.
I’m sick of them sending me endless amounts of confusing, frustrating paperwork.
I’m sick of them practicing medicine without a license.
I’m sick of them making money off our our healthcare.

We don’t need insurance companies. If we took the money they spent on paperwork, denying care and corporate profits we could cover everyone in the U.S. for all our healthcare needs — without spending one extra dollar.
We can get rid of insurance companies by organizing a big movement to win single-payer. Healthcare-NOW! is helping to do that.

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Healthcare-NOW organizes thousands of activists in all 50 states, and supports both state and national single payer efforts. To win, we must build a powerful social movement through education and action, so our work focuses on:
  • raising up the voices of patients who feel isolated in their struggles with the healthcare system
  • educating activists to gain the knowledge and skills they need to become leaders
  • mobilizing our movement through collective action