Candidate Pledge

Pledges of Support for Single-Payer

Let’s get candidates and Members of Congress on the record for supporting single-payer healthcare! The pledge campaign is to get elected officials to publicly state their opposition to cuts and privatization of our social insurance programs, and to look at HR 676, the National Health Care Act, which could control the skyrocketing deficit by removing the waste of the private insurance industry and provide comprehensive healthcare to all.

Read the pledge and get your Congressperson and Candidates in your area to sign on!

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If you need some tips on bird dogging your Representative or candidate, download this handy guide.

Candidates Who Signed the Pledge

Name Seat State Party
Bill Hendrick US House – Dist. 44 CA Dem.
Charlie Pillsbury US House – Dist. 3 CT Green
David Gill, MD US House – Dist. 15 IL Dem.
Jim Holbert US House – Dist. 05 KY Dem.
John Conyers US House – Dist. 14 MI Dem.
Jonathan Tasini US House – Dist. 15 NY Dem.
Dan Labotz US Senate OH Socialist Party USA