Stage #2: Grow Your Campaign

Stage #2: Grow Your Campaign

Email us at Healthcare-NOW if you are organizing a new group so we can provide you with help and support – particularly with training your leaders. If you have just finished Stage #2, email us so we can brag about your accomplishment to the rest of the country!!

Goal: Identify and Train Two Additional Leaders (Four or More) from Affected Communities

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Goal: Recruit 40 More Members (50 Total) from Affected Communities, Onboard With One-on-One Meetings

Tabling and petitioning are good ways to grow your activist base. Reaching out to similar minded organizations and speaking at different events can also help grow your organization and engage activists.

More Resources for recruitment can be found here:
League of Women Voters Recruitment Tools & Resources

As your list of activists grows, be sure to follow up with your pledges.

Goal: Get Three Organizations to Endorse Single-Payer & Join Your Campaign (Begin Coalition Building)

Identifying groups in your community who may support single payer reform is an easy way to gage interest of the issue within your community while growing your base of activists. Many organizations currently exist that support single payer reform, work with Healthcare-NOW currently, and also have national membership. These groups include the League of Women Voters, National Nurses United, Physicians for a National Health Program, and number of unions.

Once you have identified the local chapters of these agencies, you can begin forming a coalition.
Resources for Coalition Building:

  • The Change Agency’s Resources on Coalition building
  • “Action Strategies for Effective Coalitions”, from National Council on Disability
  • “Coalition Building” from The Community Toolbox

Goal: Build a Presence on Social Media

Social Media is an especially useful tool for broadcasting your movement, potentially gaining more public support. Followers on social media provide an indication of how popular your movement is, as well as providing a public forum for discussion of single payer reform. However, it is important to note that without the initial core of activists and an already established activist organization, no real action will result from a social media presence. Begin with a Facebook group of your initial core members to help keep those already committed informed. As your activist organization grows, develop a Facebook page.
Resources for an effective presence on social media be found in the Grassroots Toolkit from the Leadership Conference and Education Fund.

Goal: Organize two events or actions

As you continue to establish your group, be sure to continue holding events both to recruit new members and maintain the interest of current members. Holding regular meetings would be a good step towards achieving this goal. Additionally, all Healthcare-NOW groups and a number of other single payer reform advocacy groups hold events for Medicare’s anniversary on July 30th.