WEBINAR: Vermont at the Crossroads

December 2014, just after being re-elected to office, Vermont¬†Governor Peter Shumlin dropped a bomb shell by recommending that the Vermont state legislature not proceed with financing for universal, public health coverage for Vermont, stating that “now is not the time.” What were Governor Shumlin’s reasons? Were they legitimate? What are the implications for state single-payer organizing efforts? Where does this leave the movement in Vermont? What’s the answer for activists across the country when their elected officials point to Governor Shumlin’s statements for cover?

To answer these questions and more Healthcare-NOW! hosted a national webinar with Professor Gerald Friedman, economist at the University of Massachusetts РAmherst, and Matt McGrath, Campaign Coordinator at the Vermont Workers Center! Professor Friedman has authored economic analyses for almost half a dozen states as well as for HR676, the national Improved Medicare for All legislation. Matt McGrath and the Vermont Workers Center have been at the center of the campaign to win healthcare as a human right in Vermont.