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At Healthcare-NOW!, daily letters, emails, and phone calls remind us that the healthcare crisis continues.

Vanessa, before becoming our Director of Organizing, joined Healthcare-NOW! in 2005. “Suffering from a chronic illness,” says Vanessa, “I tried hard to find health insurance in the public and private markets, but was always turned down. Meanwhile, I got sicker. I was very angry, and I wanted to find a solution for myself and people like me. I was relieved and heartened when I discovered single-payer healthcare and Healthcare-NOW!–an organization fighting for people like me.”

Vanessa, and many others, have joined the fight for single-payer healthcare, despite passage of health reform, because they know that half-measures will continue to leave out millions like them.

History proves the power of grassroots movements funded by people like you is the only way to win against corporate greed. We need you to continue to support Healthcare-NOW! until we end this injustice.

Make your tax-deductible donation today. Donations of of $20 will receive a Healthcare-NOW! pin and bumper sticker. $50 or more will receive a DVD of The Healthcare Movie or a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. poster with his famous healthcare quote. And the first 99 people to donate $99 will receive a Single Payer Now t-shirt.

You can make a tax-deductible donation online, or mail a check (made out to IFCO/Healthcare-NOW!) to Healthcare-NOW!, 1315 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107.

Recent actions show we make an impact.

In the fall, thousands of you made phone calls and sent emails to the Super Committee, demanding that they NOT cut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. The Super Committee ultimately failed to make recommendations to cut or privatize these important programs because of the pressure we put on them.

In October and November, hundreds of single-payer activists took part in Occupy Wall Street actions all over the country.

In July, we helped organize more than 45 actions in 21 states for Medicare’s 46th anniversary.

This year, we helped form five new affiliate single-payer groups in four states that previously had none.

Now we’re planning our National Strategy Conference in Houston where our advocates will develop campaigns to challenge corporate power and build the movement for single-payer, national healthcare.

Become a recurring donor. Just $5 or $10 a month will help sustain Healthcare-NOW!’s work through the year. Donate online or call us at 800-453-1305.

Many of our members are facing bankruptcy, homelessness, and financial crisis due to medical debt. Please give what you can and help to support their activism in this renewed period of movement building.

With your support the grassroots movement to end the healthcare crisis in the United States will continue to grow and win.


  1. Peggy Kacerek on December 26, 2011 at 3:37 pm

    Is it possible to think out of the box and do an end run around the government and set up an “improved Medicare for everyone” who wishes to participate in a small clearly defined region of the country at the same time that we keep pushing for Improved Medicare for All on a national and government basis? Is there an area of the country that is ripe for such a set up (physicians, hospital, patients, advocates). That way we would have a working Improved Medicare for All that could not only give the folks in it great helthcare, but such an effort would also be a showcase for people to see how it could work. I’m not sure how the funding would work in this case, but I bet someone could come up with a good idea about that. And I strongly believe in nutrition being a part of what at least many doctors in such a setup would give strong support to their patients desiring to practice the Doctor Esselstyn plan or plan of other folks in film, Forks over Knives. Although traditional healthcare would of course also need to be available for those patients wanting it. Seems to me this is a time for some very creative, out of the box thinking to provide a way to open that we haven’t quite thought of before. Peggy Kacerek