Walk the Halls of Congress for Single-Payer

This Wednesday, January 28th!!!

Wednesday, January 28 will be a historic day for single-payer advocates. And there will be something for everyone to participate in!

The Leadership Conference for Guaranteed Health Care will host a press conference to launch the national single-payer alliance in the morning and host a briefing for members and staff to discuss the economic effects of single-payer in the afternoon.

But we want to be certain every member of Congress hears our message! That is why we will also be walking the halls of Congress for single-payer. We will carry our message, Health Care YES, Insurance Companies NO, to every congressional office. The new book Do Not Resuscitate: Why the Health Insurance Industry is Dying and How We Must Replace It, embodies our message and we will distribute a copy of the book to every member of Congress.

Join us on this historic day. Volunteers who walk the Halls of Congress for single-payer will receive a free copy of Do Not Resuscitate.

Contact Danielle Alexander, danielle@pnhp.org, to join the delegation to take on the Hill, Wednesday, January 28th, or for more information about single-payer activities this week.