URGENT! Calls Needed Now

Just a few days after 20 demonstrations at Senators’ offices across the country in support of Medicare for All, we learned that Senator Sanders’ Single-Payer Amendment No. 2837 will be debated and voted as soon as today!

Amendment No. 2837 would extend healthcare as a basic human right to all. Sens. Brown, Burris, and Sanders, the three original sponsors of the amendment, understand that the American people need access to care that is not dependent on wealth or level of private insurance coverage.

Make sure your Senators hear from you in support of this important vote. It sets historic precedence for the future of the movement for improved Medicare for All.

Call your Senators. Tell them you want them to vote for Senators Sanders, Burris and Brown’s amendment number 2837. Call today. Call now. Insist on a vote for moral and fiscal sanity.

To call and find a script, go here. It’s easy and toll free! Or, if you know your Senators, call the Capitol Switchboard at 866-338-1015. To email your Senators, go here (sorry, if you signed this before, you can’t sign it again).


  1. Tom Suess on December 15, 2009 at 1:29 pm

    Hi, 15 Dec 2009 am

    I called the following Arizona Senators today to register my voice for a strong public option for health care in the US:

    Sen McCain: The Tucson telephone number will no longer accept calls from blocked telephones…I called the DC number and received a recording…press $1 to leave a message, #2 for a representative…I pressed #2 and was on the telephone for ~ 75 rings before the call terminated…the 2nd DC attempt failed due to busy circuits…the 3rd attempt I received an answer…no name…and I registered my wish for a meaningfull public health option…the rep. did not want my name…so I took the time to give him my name and address, and told him that I would vote accordingly…I asked if Sen McCain was going to continue to legislate for the deaths of many US citizens…the rep said that there is no support from McCain for any form of the bill…I said that McCain better start looking for a new job…

    Sen Kyl: The Tucson number will no longer accept calls from blocked telephone numbers…my number is blocked…I called the DC number and the 1st time I received a recording from John Kyl…I called back and spoke to a unprofessional “teen” sounding person named Robin…I asked her to register my comment for a “meaningfull” public option…she did not even want my name or address, which they usually ask for, when I call, and she was off the telephone quickly
    Tom Suess

  2. Jean Paskalides on December 15, 2009 at 2:55 pm

    I called Sen Durbin’s office and spoke to the staffer. I asked if he will be supporting the other Senator from Illinois’, Burris and vote for amendment 2837. The staffer gave me the talking point that Dick has not made a decision but he supports health care reform. I told her that the people in Illinois Congressional district 8 want single payer healthcare and we want him to support amendment 2837.

  3. Gary W. Vollan on December 18, 2009 at 3:31 pm

    American Dental Association Being Held Accountable for Greed

    Republican Senator Charles Grassley’s (R-IA) call for a financial discloser from the American Dental Association (ADA) along with other medical groups is just a start of holding corporate ADA accountable for the money it wastes and spends as a nonprofit suppressing and pushing out competition. The American Dental Association lobbies federal and state legislators to disregard legislation that would regulate the denturist profession in many states that include Kentucky and Wyoming. The ADA spends money to persecute denturists.

    The ADA lobbied for exclusion of language to expand the dental health aide therapists programs to states other than Alaska in the recent U.S. Senate Bill 1790. The American Dental Association, wasted money fighting Alaska and lost; trying to prevent dental health aide therapists from providing dental services to Natives of Alaska living in remote areas. The American Dental Association lobbies to suppress dental hygienists from having independent boards and practices.

    The American Dental Associations total lobbying expenditures as of October for 2009 was $2,110,000.00 reported by opensecrets.org. The ADA’s self-serving political agenda is hurting consumers by suppressing qualified competitors that provide oral health services to those with disparities. The American Dental Association works against its vision and mission statement by suppressing competition that has been trained and educated in providing oral health care services to those that are unable to pay the high prices charged by dentist leaving Americans without needed dental care.

    Many people do without needed dental care because of high prices charged by dentist and not being eligible for Medicaid, low income programs and not having dental healthcare insurance. Corporate ADA has the power and money to change the current dental care delivery system for the better if the American public would speak out against the American Dental Associations deceiving and pacifying public relations campaign for a better public image.

    Gary W. Vollan L.D.
    State Coordinator, Wyoming State Denturist Association


    137th APHA Annual Meeting (November 7-11, 2009): Denturists: Alternative healthcare providers for oral health screenings and referrals