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  1. jean harrington on May 7, 2012 at 6:43 pm


    I have twitter open all day and night and receive mostly political emails all the time.I usually agree with the email and sign the letter.
    I then am asked to post this on twitter by the twitter-button.

    If you look at actblue.com
    and go down the page until you see “Today’s Hot Pages”, these are separate emails I have received.Most of them just ask you to sign a letter, a few suggest giving $1.00 to the candidate.But one thing is for certain, they all have a twitter button and facebook button.Somehow, $1.00 is easier to part with than these emails and sites that suggest more money.

    Somewhere, I saw your video of people at #ows—I love videos.


  2. Richard Heckler on May 20, 2012 at 10:57 pm

    I visit a number of newspaper comment sections and several “chat forums”.

    Seldom are there any number if any speaking up on behalf of IMPROVED Medicare Single Payer for All. This tells me the country is still in the dark about this most brilliant concept.

    Then again neither are there many if any Democrat or Green Party thinkers at these sources. These forums are over loaded with the
    the ALEC,KOCH,RINO/Right wing/Fundamentalist thinkers.

    This leads me to to believe IMPROVED Medicare Single Payer for All thinkers need to start filling up the newspaper comment sections at the very least. While the number of active commentators look small the reader numbers are substantial. Open up blogs with the local newspapers. Put together teams in order to keep the conversation
    alive and talk often.

    Sure some will come in name calling,insulting etc etc etc but this is common place on all chat boards. It happens everywhere as if a script
    has been made available to all ALEC,KOCH,RINO/Right wing/Fundamentalist thinkers. It means nothing and they do it in hopes that IMPROVED Medicare Single Payer for All people will go away.

    Where is the IMPROVED Medicare Single Payer for All Super PAC? We need it to buy ad space anywhere we can. Be at political debates of all kinds. This nation needs to know this is the only concept of its’ kind.