Support the Single-Payer Expressions for Access to Care Equality Project

Every movement has its music. With this in mind, CUUSP is joining efforts with Healthcare-NOW! to produce a compilation album of songs and stories that will serve to further inform and inspire this present-day civil rights movement.

S-PEACE (Single-Payer Expressions for Access to Care Equality) will combine folk, rock, blues, hip hop, and spoken word alongside testimonials from real people, directly connecting and emphasizing creative and diverse voices within the Single-Payer Movement in a way that is both visceral and visible.

Currently, we are seeking donations from those who recognize the important role that music and arts must play in raising awareness and transforming consciousness around this human rights issue.

As an incentive, your donation of any amount will get you a downloadable MP3 version of “The System is Sick” (See the music video below). Seriously, any amount from one cent to one million dollars gets you the song.

Go here to make a donation and download the MP3.

100% of your tax-deductible contribution will help cover the cost of producing, promoting, and distributing this very special compilation. We plan to first release this compilation soon.