Stepping Up Our Organizing

The single-payer healthcare movement has been busy, and the next few months will be packed with organizing efforts as well.

With so much going on, we’re thrilled that National Nurses United (NNU) has decided to match every dollar you donate to support Healthcare-NOW!’s work until we reach our $5,000 goal. If you become a Healthcare Justice Sustainer by signing up for a recurring donation, NNU will donate $10 for every $1 you donate per month!

Your contribution will support a packed organizing agenda for the rest of the year. Healthcare-NOW! will be:

Coordinating over 30 actions across the country for Medicare’s Anniversary on July 30th, including a Congressional briefing and press conference at the Capitol in Washington, D.C.

Organizing a competition for America’s Worst Health Insurance Company in August.

Releasing a Single-Payer Activist Guide to the Affordable Care Act.

Organizing regional Everybody INstitutes across the country starting in September, providing trainings, strategy, and skills.

Hosting Healthcare-NOW!’s Annual National Strategy Conference in Nashville, TN the weekend of October 5-6.

Thank you for your generous support!


  1. Elizabeth on October 6, 2013 at 8:57 am

    When would be a good time to check back for the Activist Guide? Thanks.