Action Alert: State Legislators for HR 676

Pennsylvania State Senator Jim Ferlo and NY State Assemblyman Richard Gottfried recently launched a campaign to win state legislator support for HR 676.

About a month ago, Senator Ferlo sent letters to every state legislator in the country, asking them to support national, single-payer healthcare.

We need your help increasing the list of signers between now and July 24th by getting the Reps and Senators in your state to co-sign.

Some legislators have already signed on. You can see all of them here.

At the end of this month, all signers will announce their support for single payer health care reform, specifically HR 676, in a letter to President Obama and an ad in a Capitol Hill publication called Roll Call. They may schedule a Congressional briefing as well.

Take these three steps to help with this campaign:

  • Identify legislators in your area who should be sympathetic to single-payer who have not yet signed on.
  • Call their office, and talk with a senior aide. Send them the pdf file of the three page packet that was mailed out a month ago. Mention that a donation would be much appreciated to help cover cost of ad in Roll Call; checks should be made to Roll Call and sent with the return form.
  • Follow-up to make sure they sent in the return form. Offer the option of using the on-line form. (