Speak Up for Medicare and Social Security

For decades, Wall Street billionaire Pete Peterson has been trying to privatize or get rid of Social Security and Medicare.

Now he is funding AmericaSpeaks, a private company that is organizing town hall meetings with citizens across the country on Saturday, June 26th.

Pete Peterson wants to use these meetings to shape the national discussion so they can provide feedback to the President’s newly appointed Fiscal Commission, an 18-member group charged with giving Congress a report next December on how to reduce the national deficit. This commission is stacked heavily in favor of slashing benefits in both Medicare and Social Security. On top of that, the commission’s staff is being provided by Peterson’s Foundation.

We need to attend these meetings on Saturday to speak up for Social Security and Medicare. Let’s keep it simple. These programs didn’t cause the deficit problems. Two wars and tax cuts to the wealthy did.

  • Social Security and Medicare have proven to be the most successful social programs in our nation’s history, without which the poverty rate for seniors would be 48% instead of 10%.
  • By implementing an improved Medicare for All program, as in HR 676, real cost controls can be used to save money and get the economy back on track by negotiating drug prices, budgeting for hospitals, and reducing the outrageous administrative waste that consumes more than a third of our health care dollars.

Sign up to attend a town hall meeting organized by AmericaSpeaks. Your voice is needed in these meetings to defend these critical programs..

Stay tuned for more details on rallies at the town halls across the nation in support of Medicare and Social Security. This fight is just beginning.