Single-Payer Teach-In in NYC this Saturday, Watch Live Online

Watch the teach-in live right here.

The nation is abuzz with health care reform. Mark your calendars for July 25th to learn about the solution to our health care crisis. A plan that 2/3 of the public supports, 59% of physicians, and nearly 100 Members of Congress.

Join the Private Health Insurance Must Go! Coalition, Healthcare-NOW! and Physicians for a National Health Program NY Metro for a Teach-In on organizing for single-payer national health care.

Covered will be messaging single-payer, how the public option compares to single-payer, and the latest from Washington. There will be discussion on direct action, civil disobedience, and other useful campaign tools.

Featured presenters include:
Dr. Mary O’Brien, Physicians for a National Health Program, co-editor of 10 Excellent Reasons for National Health Care
Dr. Len Rodberg, Research Director of the New York Metro Chapter of Physicians National Health Program,
Katie Robbins, Healthcare-NOW!
Ajamu Sankofa, Private Health Insurance Must Go!
John Riley, ACT UP

All welcome! This program will be of value to newcomers as well as those familiar with the issue. Free of charge. Light refreshments provided. RSVP appreciated: or 212-865-6027.

When: Saturday, July 25, 1:00 – 5:00 pm
Where: 25 West 43rd Street, 18th floor, New York, NY

Can’t make it? Watch the teach-in live right here.


  1. Laurel C B Stranaghan on July 21, 2009 at 1:24 pm

    RESPONSE TO REPUBLICANS DeMINT, MICHAEL STEELE, MITCH McCONNELL, JOHN McCAIN, ET AL: While I am not one of your constituents, I am an American citizen and, as such, you DO represent me. I am also a practising RN. Using the health care crisis in this country, using the unfortunate among us who do not have access to quality health care as foils to further your party’s political fortunes, makes a mockery of everything this country stands for. You and others like you embarrass me. I have seen ‘your’ ads and read the op-eds and seen and heard the bytes. These are clearly tactics to misinform and scare people who look to you for help and guidance in their time of need. These tactics are beyond shameful. These Republican actions are reprehensible, sir. If you and your cohorts were performing your sworn duty to look after the best interests of your electorate, you would be informing yourselves of the issues regarding health care reform and working to find a meaningful LONG OVERDUE solution. I suggest you begin at Sincerely, YOUR NAME, YOUR CITY, STATE & ZIP CUT, PASTE, FAX, PHONE, FWD AT WILL.

    Bad news…’s site crashed & is undergoing a major renovation. THEY HAVE GREAT TOOLS YOU CAN USE, EVERY DAY.
    The good news…………the good news is that users like us crashed it by use, use, using it over the weekend.
    Start your own BLOG AND CLICK TOOL BOX in “drafts” or in a folder so they will be just a click away and ready to use when inspiration strikes.
    THINK cut,copy, paste, phone fax and FWD.
    A call for help has gone out so, Bloggers and Clickers…
    Dress rehersal is over and it is Showtime.

    • Linda Tally on July 24, 2009 at 8:35 am

      Good idea to contact Congress, horrible idea to use the letter provided by Ms Stranaghan! The sentiment is there, and the passion, but the content positively stinks. Anything like that coming into a Congressional office would either be trashed before it had a chance to be counted or (worse)it would taint the Congressman/woman’s view of the writer’s intellect to the point that he/she would be sure to vote against the idea in the name of sanity. Be factual, spell correctly, and resist any attempt at ranting if you’re planning to further the cause.

    • Jean on July 10, 2011 at 8:19 pm

      A wonderful job. Super hfelupl information.

  2. care4all on July 21, 2009 at 6:29 pm

    Thanks Laurel! Great ideas.