1. gopher on October 10, 2009 at 11:13 pm

    Seriously? Then his speeches about desiring single payer healthcare are all a sham. If he won’t invite the people who are paying for 70% of the cost the current healthcare system, the doctors, he won’t hear the full story. Here’s what I don’t get, he won’t listen to doctors who are forced to lose 70% of the patient’s pay, not get any benefits, who are providing a service to the public, when he will listen to paper pushers denying healthcare to others who are getting full benefits, and the rest of the 70% of the pay of the people. Now isn’t that hypocritical. Someone needs to make the President realize, that single payer is a must, if we are to reduce costs of healthcare by 70%, and allow doctors to practice their oath. Currently they are forced by healthcare insurance to only practice the oath when it is convenient to the healthcare insurance companies, not when it is medically necessary.